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Located in the heart of Methven Mt Hutt Village, Big Als Snowsports is a premier specialty ski/snowboard rental, repair and retail store. Welcome to our BLOG where Big Al will be churning out the latest news on our teams, events, results and general grumpiness when he sees fit!

Rocky Mt Hutts most famous rock

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rocky Mt Hutts most famous rock eyeing up Big Al's Methvens most famous snowsports shop. Is there romance in the air or a just a Rocky crush? 

Mt Hutt 24th May

Sunday, May 26, 2013
This photo was taken outside Methven's most famous snowsports shop and gossip central. As you can see it was a pristine day. A few Methven locals decided to take up their skidoos and make a few new tracks on their skis/snowboards. Shifty Methven car salesman and house husband Dave McPhail couldn't resist. His hardworking schoolteacher partner, mother and ex Big Al's staff member Arnie was at work. Thinking "if I am back by 3pm she will never know."  Cruising past Methven kiddy day care he headed up the mountain and had a grand old time. It a tough life being a house husband in Methven !!!

Big Als Big Sale

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Big Al's Big Sale is on this Sunday at 9am Some super deals on ex-rental skis,boards,boots and clothing. Skis and boards from 100 bucks boots from 35 bucks. Ex rental jackets $25 pants $25 great for up the mountain or on the farm. This sale is one day only all the gear will be sent away post sale.

Lucinda The Love Goddess

Friday, April 12, 2013

It has been a dark day for Big Al's today. Lucinda the Love Goddess Big Al's downhill dummy is no more. Lucinda starred in the 1993 Downhill Dummy race with 1st place and $500 prize money. Boy did the team celebrate. Tequilla slammers were all the rage back then. It was a big deal .The town and the mountain had a closer relationship and almost every business entered a dummy. Unfortunately Lucinda could not repeat her podium. The next year she crashed spectacularly at the finish. The fireworks she was carrying were still fireing off terrifying women and children (men too) Some wags had suggested that Mt Hutt management had wanted to put a rocket up Perry Marcot's bottom - Lucinda did the job !!  Fireworks were then prohibited and Lucinda lost her spark for victory. She was retired to Big Al's garage where she was treated cruelly over the years. Backed into by vehicles and covered with junk. She is finally on her way to Valhalla. (Kate Valley landfill via the Ashburton tip) Vale Lucinda !