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Full Service Workshop

Drop by and check out our full service in-store workshop. Our elves offer machine tunes using our Montana ski stone grinder, edge machinery or Grindrite snowboard grinder. From fine tune to race tune to your own specs. Highly trained, our elves can resurrect the dead, for a price. Because they work at night, we can offer an overnight service. Tuning your board or skis regularly makes your day on the slopes easier and more enjoyable and prolongs your equipment's lifetime.

If the Boot Fits...

If your boots hurt we can grind stretch pad & fit the footbeds to alleviate any pain. We use Sidas and Formthotic brands of orthotics. We carry a full range of Burton binding parts and we are the local Salomon dealer.

We also offer a full in-store boot fitting service for snowboarders and skiers!


Full Tune $69.00


Base grind
Ptex repair
Edge tune
Edge and Wax
Ptex Repair
Base Grind
Race Tune
$15.00 minimum
Please note, these are standard packages, however on inspection, if we identify further issues, these may incur addition costs. We will confirm these costs before we commence work.  
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