AquaSeal Shoe Repair

AquaSeal Shoe Repair

Fix footwear permanently at home or in the field with Aquaseal SR. Formerly known as Freesole, this shoe repair adhesive is waterproof and dries as a clear, flexible glue that lasts for years. With just one small 1 oz tube, easily complete a boot repair, create durable toe protectors, and rebuild worn heels. Unaffected by heat or cold, make heavy duty shoe repairs that can withstand the elements whether at a jobsite or on a mountaintop.

From rubber boots to steel-toe shoes and everything in between, repair and reinforce your footwear with Aquaseal SR.

 Offers superior abrasion resistance, adhesion and flexibility.

  • Rebuild worn heels, reattach delaminating soles.
  • For all types of footwear including boots, athletic shoes and more.
  • Made in the U.S.A.