Toko Duo Textile Wash + Proof

Toko Duo Textile Wash + Proof

Textile Proof 250ml
Long lasting waterproofing for high quality protective clothing 

Textile Proof is the best solution for protection in wet and muddy conditions. The fabric regains its water-resistant, dirt and oil-repellent properties. Textile Proof is a highly effective, high-end product. Eco Textile Proof is the ecological alternative with a good water-resistant performance. Eco Wash-in-Proof is very easy to use for normal impregnation in the machine washing and drying cycles.

Eco Textile Wash 250ml
A special ecological cleaner for high quality sports and functional clothing.

Cleans clothing with minimum environmental impact. Powerful and versatile. The ecologically and dermatologically tested special detergent for high-quality sports and functional clothing restores the optimum functionality of membrane textiles (e.g. GORE-TEX®). TOKO’s Eco Wash is available as a universal version for all textiles and also as a high-quality special detergent for down and wool.